What is the 'Strategic Assessment?'


What is it?

We have to earn your trust as your potential advisor - however long and whatever it takes.  To this end, we want to understand your goals and what strategic alternatives could be available to help impact your goals or at least your decision-making around them.  Our “Strategic Assessment,” therefore, is a minimally disruptive, yet high-value, exercise that allows us to gain high-level insights into your business and help illustrate available options and how these impact your long-term growth, liquidity and capital goals.

Based on a high-level understanding of your business, industry, and your company’s financials, we develop an analysis of your market positioning, among other inputs, comparable companies and comparable transactions.  After all, you should see how potential strategic partners will likely view your business.

Working together, you can see how we work and how we might fit as a potential advisor.

At HarloKyn, we believe that an advisor helps:

  • Prepare you and your company for an institutional sale / investment process

  • Create a market and scarcity for your business

  • Identify the right partner to help you achieve your liquidity or strategic goals

  • Communicate your company’s strategic and financial strengths  

  • Help enhance the certainty of a close

What are examples of the “Strategic Assessment”?


From a Company Ownership Perspective

The Strategic Assessment can provide early insight into what to expect in a potential process, the range of values based on similar transactions, and what the other less obvious strategic options could be available.  We believe that the Strategic Assessment can be helpful as you consider a number of strategic decisions, including how you and HarloKyn might work together in a more formalized advisory process.

From a Family Office or Private Equity Perspective

In working with a number of portfolio companies, it might be helpful to have an outside third-party analysis and assessment of a portfolio company - whether underperforming or exceeding expectations - and its potential positioning in the market. We work with you and the management team to identify risks and opportunities against the background of the capital markets.



From a Lender Perspective

As a bank, you have a strong understanding and relationship with many businesses. Sometimes, those businesses might be looking at options for equity growth capital, a sale, or just trying to figure out their next strategic steps. In some cases, certain portfolio companies are underperforming your expectations and perhaps need third-party insight into external strategic alternatives, including a potential liquidity event.  In either case, we look forward to partnering with you as a potential resource for you and your credits.

Want to Learn More?

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