HarloKyn is your partner to understand and illustrate the strategic alternatives to support your company, strategy and continued legacy.


Who We Are

HarloKyn provides advisory services to early-stage and lower middle market companies ($2 million to $7 million of EBITDA).  In addition, we seek to invest in the next generation of great companies looking to improve our everyday living. At HarloKyn, we have a geographic focus based here in Texas and our surrounding states and partner with managers, founders, and other shareholders.



Companies in all life stages face strategic choices. Whether our clients face operational, capital or ownership challenges or opportunities, we can help provide a framework and illustrate potential alternatives to address questions around growth, mergers and acquisitions, potential restructuring and capital.



Through HarloKyn Advisors’ investment affiliate, HKA Holdings, LLC, we make direct investments in early-stage companies whose technology or strategy help improve our everyday lives - the intersection of real estate, technology, and services at home, school or work.