M&A Process



As business owners and entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that your business represents significant value and requires a thoughtful exit or succession strategy.  At HarloKyn, we can help illustrate and quantify your strategic options:

  • Succession and exit planning

  • Full sale

  • Majority sale or recapitalization

  • Minority equity investment

  • Debt recapitalization


From start to finish (engagement to close), it is a process to sell your company which could take six to twelve months and can include:

Stage One: Finding the Right Advisor

  • Engaging an advisor

  • Preparing the company’s management, systems and financial reporting, including an audit and Quality of Earnings analysis.

  • Building the list of potential interested parties - strategic and / or financial buyers


Stage Two: Going to Market

  • Creating marketing materials, including a Teaser, Confidentiality Agreement, and Information Memo

  • Managing multiple parties’ due diligence processes and the overall screening of potential investors / buyers

  • Evaluating first-round indications of interest (IOI)

  • Optimizing the finalists’ binding letters of intent (LOI)

  • Identifying the “winner”


Stage Three: Closing the Deal

  • Drafting definitive documentation

  • Negotiation the Purchase Agreement

  • Closing and moving through post-sale transitions


HarloKyn can help identify the right path to choose with a low impact, high value assessment in getting started with the process of selling your business.

The Strategic Assessment.  

Based on a high-level understanding of your business, industry, and your company’s financials, we develop an analysis of your market positioning and range of valuations based on, among other inputs, comparable companies and comparable transactions.  After all, you should see how potential strategic partners will likely view your business.

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