Whether our clients face operational, capital or ownership challenges or opportunities, we can help provide a framework and illustrate potential alternatives to address questions around growth, mergers and acquisitions, potential restructuring and capital.


 At HarloKyn, we focus on seed stage to lower middle market companies based in Texas and surroundings states and the industries that our geography supports, including:

  • Supply chain and logistics

  • Industrial Services and Manufacturing

  • Business Services / Tech-enabled Business Services

  • Education

  • Multi-site Healthcare


 Do You Have an Exit Strategy?

HarloKyn delivers a process-oriented approach to help define value and understand your strategic alternatives, including an exit strategy.

From seed stage to the lower middle market, exit and strategic options can be more limited or even unknown.  We work with our clients to better understand market positioning and the right narrative to identify options and potential value across a number of scenarios.

We offer a process-driven approach to understand your business, illustrate different options and execute a strategy.




Early-stage companies with nominal monthly recurring revenues to lower middle market companies with ~$5MM of EBITDA


We focus our advisory services and capital in Texas and surrounding states


Help shareholders and managers understand their strategic alternatives by providing structure around a potential strategic process


In addition to our advisory services, we seek to make direct investments of our own capital


Challenging Dynamics for Owners

Seed-stage to lower middle market companies typically have more limited advisory options.  While more traditional business brokers and online deal networks can help facilitate potential leads, we believe that managers and shareholders often prefer more professional guidance throughout a process -  from origination through execution and closing.


Our Approach

We take a holistic view of how ownership and the company can realize long-term value by taking a more targeted strategy to identify the right partners. While straightforward, our process resonates in a market that has been historically under-served.


Our Difference

HarloKyn delivers a collaborative, process-driven approach to identifying the right solution.

We help minimize any operational disruption through our deal leadership and experience.


Our Platform

From a strategic viewpoint, lower middle market can be strong platforms for future acquisitions or help augment the growth and scale of a larger company. Texas and its neighboring states help offer potential customer, industry and economic diversification.